This cat is my new favorite..hands down…

There are singers, and then there are SANGERS…AND THIS BOY CAN SANG!!!! Plus, he’s one of Chaka Khan’s favorites….and a Chaka endorsement is enough for me!!

You can catch his bio on Wikipedia (surprise surprise), but all you need to really know is that you can hear his musical influences–Curtis Mayfield, Jamiroquai, The Purple One–oozing through his vocals, hitting you in the soul as much as in the eardrums as he rides some extremely catch synth-heavy funk jams. Dude was grinding on the independent tip for YEARS before he got a deal on island Records, and he just recently released his self-titled debut in April of 2008.

I’m glad someone finally had the sense to pick this man up because I see great things beyond the horizon for him, especially as he refines his sound and experiments with different musical arrangements behind his amazing voice. Here he is covering Estelle’s “American Boy” live in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. I especially like how the band slowed the melody down and gave it a real loungy jazz feel…

Here’s the vid: 

And here he is doing my new favorite song, “Black and Gold”:


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