The Definition of Pop Perfection

As some of you may or may not know, I have a tendency to fall in love head-over-heels for a song from time to time, and I subsequently make it my mission to make sure everyone within a 3000-mile radius falls in love with said song and sees the genius that lies within the notes of said song.

With that being said, I fell in love yet again today.

I’m at Nordstrom’s today after the show in hopes of doing a little shopping, and the most amazing Diana Ross-sounding, Motown-rich music starts flowing through the in-store speaker system. I normally don’t pay much attention to the in-store videos playing when I’m at Nordstrom’s since the selection tends to be a little “light” in the quality department (no offense to my Nordstroms Mixtape fans), but this song instantly grabbed me after about 8 or 9 notes. I had no choice to direct my head towards the in-store video screens and see what it was that had taken hold of my soul and wouldn’t let me go on shopping.

The song that was playing on the screens was Solange Knowles’ “I Decided Pt. 1” off her debut LP on Geffen Records. For those who have not heard this song (which is almost impossible seeing as it has been making the rounds strongly on the radio and video circuit), you must hear this to have a reference point and understand why this song is so amazing.

As many of you know, a whole lot of artists are doing the Motown-redux thing as of late (Raphael Saadiq, Amy Winehouse, Duffy, etc.). But this song…THIS SONG…is absolute pop perfection.

I subsequently took myself to Target to buy the CD, and I’ve been sitting at home listening to the album over and over, absolutely in love with the production value of this album. After about 5 or 6 full listens, I deemed it time to finally open the CD booklet to find out who produced “I Decided – Pt.1”. I opened the booklet, flipped to page 2, and I see this:

I Decided – Pt. 1
Written by P. Williams and S. Knowles
Produced by The Neptunes

…well I’ll be damned.

Yet another reason why Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo are musical geniuses. The muted kick drum on that song. The subtle synth riding at the bridge. I can’t say enough about this song.

You can’t ask for anything more in a pop piece. Wow. I’m still amazed.

Hear what I’m talking about here and tell me that the production (along with the vocals) on this song is not utterly amazing. And if you happen to have an opinion that differs from mine in regards to this song, please do not hesitate to leave a comment and let’s get a dialog going!!


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