Third Guitar – “Lovin Lies” (AUDIO STREAM)

The one thing about soul music that continually amazes me is the number of bands who had one or two amazing tracks and were never heard from again. Such is the case with the band responsible for this track–The Third Guitar.

I was watching a Mash SF DVD about these cats in San Francisco who ride fixed-gear bicycles like maniacs through the hilly terrain of The City, and when this song started playing, it hit me like a nuclear bomb in my chest.

So I went and got my Google on, found the song, but couldn’t find much more about the group. What I DO know is that they had a hit called “Baby Don’t Cry” released in 1965, and they pretty much faded into obscurity after that.

Thankfully, they at least did one more song besides “Baby Don’t Cry”, and that gem is titled “Lovin Lies.”

(I’m exaggerating about their recording only 2 songs..they probably recorded tons of stuff, but you’d have better luck trying to find 2Pac than finding these cuts)

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present to you:

(click on link below)
The Third Guitar – “Lovin Lies”

(**P.S. I included the Pam Grier pic because I imagine that it was a woman like this who drove Eddie Holloway to write this song….whoever the woman in the song is that broke his heart must have been one cold fox, and Ms. Grier just kinda fit the mold of this mystery woman in my head…)


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