My man B.A. Barakas put me up on this talented young man from Kansas City, Missouri, and I must say that I have been in love with his sound ever since.

Miles is a musical jack-of-all-trades, seeing as the brother is a skilled trumpeter, DJ, singer, AND producer. Miles began his musical career as a beatmaker in the Kansas City indie hip-hop scene, but this love for the music didn’t just spring up out of nowhere. His grandmother–Helen Bonny–is a music therapist who developed “Guided Imagery and Music,” which refers to all forms of music-imaging in an expanded state of consciouness. If that weren’t enough, his father used to work nights as a musician in New York City during Miles’ childhood years. Needless to say, the roots of Miles’ inspiration run deep.

Miles released his first 7″ back in 2007 titled “Miles Gets Open” which featured him singing and playing trumpet, and the man went the extra mile and made an accompanying YouTube music video featuring street scenes from Kansas City, which somehow ended up in the hands of German label Melting Pot Music and secured Miles a distribution deal for his Closer Love EP in October of 2007.

Taking things even a step further, Miles released an EP titled Steveland in December of 2007 where he sang and played the horns over Madlib’s 2002 tribute EP to Stevie Wonder. In a stroke of genius, he decided to release only 44 copies of Steveland with each copy individually numbered with a handmade cover produced by Miles himself.

In a nutshell, Miles is uber-talented and definitely on the cusp of blowing up big. With a burgeoning international following, it’s only a matter of time before Mr. Bonny is in a CD player near you blessing your eardrums with his musical gifts.

You can read up on Miles on his website here and catch the video for “Miles Gets Open” below:

Miles Bonny – “Miles Gets Open” (video)



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