Yes yes, family and friends. The good folks at Soundwaves have taken a break so that we can beat the fund drums and help raise money for our Fall Fund Drive to keep our beloved home KPFK afloat and thriving with new monies!!


I’ll be continually hitting you with goodies right here on our website, so be sure you keep checking in daily for Top 5 lists, videos, web-exclusive episodes, and download goodness. Also, I’m gonna be making this affair more interactive, so I’m starting a new feature called “The Question of the Week” where I’ll throw up a music-related topic and you the listener can drop a comment and hit me with your input!!


I’m extremely excited about getting back in the studio and hitting them airwaves again in 2 weeks, but for now, know that I continue to be humbly appreciative of the positive feedback and love that continues to roll in from you all, and I’m gonna keep rockin’ till the internet turns off!!


Until then, be sure to go to KPFK’s website at http://www.kpfk.org or call in to 818.985.5735 to make your donation and show your love to our home sweet home station!! Your contributions help keep supreme independent programming like yours truly and so many other amazing shows on the airwaves, and without your support, Soundwaves is but a memory!!


Peace and blessings….


– Abraham


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