Fantastic timing!!

2 days before my interview with my man Quetzal Guerrero and I get a throat infection.

Let’s just say I take no chances, and seeing as I started feeling a little scratchiness around noon today, I left work and headed straight to doctor’s office to have him take a look and prescribe me some meds so I can get my healthy on before noon on Saturday.

I’m counting on this Azithromycin to do its magic in the next couple days…let’s hope so!!

Send your good energy my way, folks!! My voice thanks you!!


..and for those who are wondering who we’re scheduled to have on the show this week, it is none other than dynamo vocalist/violin player/guitarrista/capoeira dynamo/all-around cool dude Quetzal Guerrero. In fact, I’m quite sure that the brother is going to be blessing us with a live on-air performance. And if you don’t know what kind of wizardy this man’s music possesses, feel free to peep the clip below of dude performing a fantastic cover of D’Angelo’s “Spanish Joint”:

See you on the airwaves this Saturday!!

Peace and blessings…




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