Why I Love Charlie Rose

This man, for me, is hands-down my favorite interviewer of all time.

He always does his homework, he expresses a genuine interest in the subject matter of the conversation, and most importantly, he engages his subjects unlike any other interviewer I have ever seen.

To be quite honest, I do my very best to emulate this man in my interview style (minus the suits and the cool table..if I had a grant from PBS, I’d be wearing the houndstooth coat every episode…trust me…haha).

My favorite is when Charlie interviews musicians because his questions are always so considerate and well-thought out.

Here’s to the master of the interrogative sentence..Mr. Charlie Rose.


(..and below is a clip of Charlie interviewing my favorite MC of all time, Mr. Shawn Carter (aka Jay-Z). Pay special attention to how Charlie KNOWS what the hell he is talking about, albeit with one of the largest rap superstars on the planet. Also, you can catch the full hour-long conversation between Jay-Z and Charlie Rose here)



One thought on “Why I Love Charlie Rose

  1. I watched the whole interview. This is very good stuff! I’m gonna have to track down more of his interviews. He was very knowledgeable and interested in Jay Z.

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