FREE DOWNLOAD: Adele & Mick Boogie – “1988”

Adele_19_FC copy

As most of you know, I am a big, BIG fan of female vocalists, and an even bigger fan of singers with a sound that has remnants of the 60s soul scene. When a singer can speak through your soul and give you chills and make you smile all at once, I truly believe that that right there is a magic moment.

For example, when I first heard U.K. singer songstress Adele perform on Saturday Night Live a few months back, I was floored. Here is this meek little woman seemingly dwarfed by the stage and the backdrop behind her, and she has this rich-sounding voice that instantly reached through my TV set and grabbed me.

To be quite honest, I had “Adele – 19 LP” on my “Music” notes in my Blackberry, but I never got around to picking up her album. Then I came across this redux that my man remix extraordinaire Mick Boogie did of Adele’s album where he blended old 1980s hip-hop productions with Adele’s vocals (and a good chunk of the original LP’s orchestration).

Alls I can say is that this is a gem, and I’m going to cop Adele’s full-length at Amoeba on the way home from the Soundwaves studio after tomorrow’s show.

You can catch the download link of this amazing young lady’s album below…and feel free to hit the “comment” button to add your 2 cents once you give the album a listen yourself.

Enjoy!! (click link below for download)

Adele & Mick Boogie – “1988” album



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