GEM DROP: Chicago – “Street Player”

I’ve started a new feature called “Gem Drop” where I’ll be hitting you with songs that I feel are true gems and belong in your life and in your eardrums.

So the first song in this series is one of my absolute favorite all-time soul/funk/disco cuts (fuck a genre…it’s just good music, as far as I’m concerned..haha).

The song is Chicago’s “Street Player”, and it is an EXTREMELY underrated funk classic from Chicago’s “13” album.

This LP came out in 1979 shortly after the band’s loss of original member Terry Kath. Just to give you a picture, this was the time at which disco was blazing hot. I’ve always cringed when people have openly denounced disco as a passing fad or have been quick to raise the “disco sucks” flag.

Some of the greatest funk/soul acts had some amazing hits in this era….Donna Summer’s entire “Bad Girls” LP that was produced by synth-pioneer Giorgio Moroder..Diana Ross’ “Love Hangover”…Chic and their countless hits…the list goes on and on.

Anyhoo, many of you may recognize this track from The Bucketheads’ “The Bomb” where Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez flipped this for one of his biggest dance hits ever.

First I present you the original…

Chicago – “Street Player”


..and then I present you the flip…

The Bucketheads – “The Bomb”



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