This Saturday!! Big Moves on Soundwaves!!


Let me tell you, folks….


I hear tons and tons of music in my day-to-day combing through the sounds of the universe in my quest to consistently bring you that freshness. However, I must say that this band struck me like the asteroid hit Earth in “Deep Impact” when I first heard cuts off their album a few months back.

Rare is the occasion when a band comes along that is young yet has obviously done their homework. I can’t help but hear Big Moves and think of the best of the early 80s quick-beat sounds from bands like Sting and The Police, Gang of Four, and Blondie. If this doesn’t make any sense to you, what SHOULD make sense is my telling you that these kids are uber-amazing, and their sound is unlike anything I’ve heard in a long, long time.

Seeing as describing music is like trying to explain to you how french fries taste, I think it best that you hear for yourself the goodness of which I speak on the Big Moves MySpace page here.

As I mentioned below, this Saturday kicks off our February Pledge Drive, so I think starting things off with Big Moves is the proper way to let you know that Soundwaves is looking to make “big moves” (har har har) in 2009 with your financial support and the love that you show us on a weekly basis…

See you on them airwaves, folks!!



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