This Saturday!! 02.14.09!! We pause for love!!

sad broker

I know what you’re thinking…..

“Deacon of Speakin’, you’re probably a pretty lovin’ dude. In fact, you’re probably going to spend the entirety of Valentine’s Day listening to Curtis Mayfield records while getting your Ron Burgundy on and eating fancy foods in your mahongany-smelling apartment full of leather-bound books.”

Contrary to what you may believe, I’m just another cat like you. And I enjoy my Saturdays as much as you do..and I’m actually going to be able to chill this Saturday (even though I’d much rather be on-air rockin’ for you all and dancing like a fool in the studio).

Oddly enough, the radio gods ended up pre-empting me this Saturday so that we could beat the fund drums over at means that we won’t be back on-air until March 21st (6 days before my b-day!!)…which means sad faces for our loyal listeners.


We will indeed be back in 7 days, but in the meantime I want you to celebrate love this weekend. Whether you’re cupcakin’ or living single like Queen Latifah in the mid 90’s (100 bonus points if you caught the reference), I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day tomorrow!!

And if you haven’t already donated, be sure to go on over to to show your love and help keep us on-air so we can rock rock for you from here to infinity!!

Ms. Cecilia and I will be answering phones at the station tomorrow from noon to 2pm, so feel free to call us at 818.985.5735 to holler and help us raise this money to keep them Soundwaves hitting your eardrums….

Peace and blessings…

– The Deacon of Speakin’



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