Inspiration Information

Hey hey, kids!!

As you may or may not know, we will be cold chillin’ off-air for the next few weeks as we continue to beat the fund drums and help our KPFK Winter Fund Drive reach our goal of $1 million.

As you can imagine, raising funds in these economic times isn’t the easiest thing, but amazingly enough, you all have shown that your appreciation of the music and the quality programming transcends your need to hang on to $20 or $100 that you were able to contribute. So to everyone who donated or has yet to donate, i greatly appreciate it and am touched by your generosity!!

Anyhoo, seeing as we’ve got some time to get to know one another, I figured that I’d give you a peek into the things that have been keeping me inspired as of recent and have resulted in me beginning a variety of new projects….(for which you must stay tuned)…….

(possibly extremely boring to many of you…but possibly inspiring to see other sources of inspiration for those looking to get inspired…)








That’s all for now……and remember, dear listener………




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