Today!! The Birthday Edition w/ House Shoes



Yes indeedy, y’all.

Today. The birthday edition with them birthday boys.

Yours truly + House Shoes.

The music is so good I think we might make your radio explode.

…and we’re giving away all kinds of goodies thanks to our peoples at Ubiquity Records…

Sending them soundwaves to your eardrums today from noon to 2pm PST!! Tune in!!


Thanks to the good folks at WordPress, there is now a Twitter plug-in for available that allows you to now come here to the Soundwaves website and keep up with our live playlist (and other posts throughout the week) by looking at the bottom of the page.

For those who don’t know, we Twitter the playlist live as we’re throwing the records on during the show. This is fantastic if you hear something you absolutely need to find right away and can’t wait to see on the final playlist on Monday.

Just look at the very bottom of the home page here during the show and catch the titles of the tunes that we’ll be playing for you.

See you in a handful of hours!!

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