Enter the 36 Blog Posts


Fohsky wohsky…feeskee weeskee…all aboard the Soundwaves Express….

What’s new with YOU, loyal listener?

Soundwaves is days away from being on iTunes. Just DAYS away. This means all sorts of mobile fantasticness to take with you about town (or province, depending on what part of the globe you’re sitting in right now) as we bring you that regular nutritious goodness like the musical version of Cheerios.

I’ve been working about 11-12 hours daily on my 9-to-5, so the blog entries have been a little light. HOWEVER, thanks to my man Big Mo’s words of wisdom, I’m back in the gymnasium now and getting my energy levels back up…which means more time spent in the p.m. on blog goodness when I’d normally be sleeping.

All in all, year #2 is off to a great start. What’s the haps with you and yours? Drop a comment!! Lemme know!!

Big up big up….

– The Deacon’ of Speakin’



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