2 hours in-studio with guitarist/violinist/singer/The Viceroy of V-Necks/The King of Cardigans Mr. Quetzal Guerrero.

My man takes us on a proper tour through the sounds of Brazil and blesses us with 3 news gems slated for release in the very near future.

As always, loveliness for your eardrums..hope you dig it!!



2 thoughts on “04.03.10: EPISODE 74: PLAYLIST & LISTEN LINK

  1. Yo man,
    Mr JC Penny’s Big & Tall model, the former chicken nugget champion, the prince of pannini!hahaha I’ve been following your podcast since Color in Flight Radio, absolute dopeness!! I’ve loved a lot of your episodes but man! This episode is off the butcher shops meat rack!! Illmatic on 28’s! This whole episode is straight fire from beginning to end. I introduced my friends to this episode and we’re all rollin on Cinco de Mayo to watch Mr Quetzal perform. My only complain (and this is totally my fault) is that i slept on you guys for about 3 weeks and I missed out on that No Diggity download, is there anyway I may be able to get that download? That No Diggity cumbia remake is BANANAS!!!!

    Thanks & Peace,

  2. Hey, I’m trying to find the playlist for this set and it seems to be MIA. I figured out most of the tracks, but there are two specifically that I am having trouble trying to find. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks steve

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