(left to right: Aaron Gleen, The Deacon of Speakin, Evelyn Champagne King, Freddie Fox, DJ Seano)

(left to right: DJ Seano, B+, Jazz De La Paz, Quantic)

This Saturday we had the distinct pleasure of interviewing legendary singer/songstress Ms. Evelyn Champagne King.

Then we hopped in the Soundwaves jet and took a quick 2-hour trip to Colombia, courtesy of my man Quantic.

We also had Ms. Jasmine De La Paz of Tru Thoughts stop on over and bless us with a few new gems from Belleruche and Hidden Orchestra (both releases available here).

Oh yeah…and Quantic blows the lids off of everyone’s domes when he plays 2 covers that will leave your jaw sitting upon the tongues of your Adidas.

This one’s gonna be on repeat for a WHILE.



1. Evelyn Champagne King – I’m In Love

2. Evelyn Champagne King – Get Loose

3. Evelyn Champagne King Soundwaves Interview (14-minute snippet..catch the full audio here)

4. The Soulphonics & Ruby Velle – Feet On The Ground

5. Al Johnson w/ Jean Carn – I’m Back For More

6. Barry White – Playing Your Game, Baby

7. Belleruche – Churro

8. Hidden Orchestra – Out of Nowhere

9. Quantic – Portada del Mar

10. The Lions – Cumbia del Lion

11. Shafiq Husayn – Dust & Kisses

12. Avante Juventude – Conjunto Os Anjos

13. Lancelot Layne – Yo Tink It Sorf

14. Quantic – Dre Cumbia

15. Quantic – T.R.O.Y. Cumbia

16. Ana Tijoux – 1977

17. Systema Solar – Crees Que Soy Sexy?

18. Prince Fatty – Gin and Juice

19. Rail-Band – Nanthan

20. Anibal Velasquez – Cumbia del Guatada

21. Quantic – Echate Pa’lla

22. Grupo Socavon – Memoria de Justino


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