Given the array of heat rocks that we brought to the table on this one, we felt it best to aptly title this episode “The Stone Soup Edition”.

All kinds of flavors.

All in the same pot.

All coming together to make one savory episode of audio deliciousness.

My man Kris Escajeda starts it off with a showcase of his superb acoustic guitar skills.

Then Ms. Jacqueline Schneider from The Mint Collective takes the wheel of the Starship Soundwaves and steers us through a blend of intergalactic treats.

And finally we sit down for a conversation with Junior from Recordbreakin in Philadelphia as he explains the genesis and current state of his oh-so-fantastic independent record label.


There’s always more. (c. Pops at the dinner table when I used to ask for seconds as a kid…and now)

My partner-in-crime DJ Seano gets on the wheels of steel and lays down a most proper mix of nothing but Recordbreakin artist fireballs…a Recordbreakin Showcase, if you will.

All in all, this was a thoroughly enjoyable episode, and I hope you dig listening as much as we dug putting it together.

Much love!!




1. Suff Daddy feat. Miles Bonny – 5 O’Clock Suff

2. Olivier Day Soul – Just A Song

3. Suff Daddy feat. Mar – Deep Shit

4. Kris Escajeda – El Gafanhoto

5. Kris Escajeda y Eddika Organista – O Telefono Toco Novamente

6. Olivier Day Soul – Foolish

7. Kris Escajeda – Untitled

8. Kira Neris – Un Ete Sans Fin

9. Electric Wire Hustle – Gimme That Kinda

10. Byron & Onra feat. Isis – Blush

11. Onra – My Comet

12. Hygher Baby – Let U Go (DJ Asparagus Mix)

13. Swede:Art feat. Stray – Linguistics (B. Bravo Remix)

14. FS Green – Monoshow

15. Ana Tijoux – 1977

16. Interview snippet w/ Junior of Recordbreakin (catch the full audio here)

17. Anthony Valadez – Vibrations

18. Anthony Valadez – Azucar

19. Sir Froderick – Inglorious Bastard

20. Kissey Asplund – Move Me

21. Mndsgn – Airways

22. I, Ced – The Finale

23. Dotmatic – The Line (Put It On)

24. Anthony Valadez – Homeless Hipster Theme (Mr. Sonny James PBR Remix)

25. D n S – GUM (Daz-I-Kue Remix)

26. M64 (Ragen Fykes + Ohmega Watts) – Rhythm of the Drum

27. Spinnerty feat. Jacqueline Marie – Just Listen Pt. 2

28. Joy Jones – The Joy (Drop It Mix)

29. La Melodia feat. Steve Hartley – Working On It




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