The 626 to 909 Edition with Trek Life, Hawdwerk, Funk Logik, Kaleem Wasif, DJ Buddy, Aaron Gleen, Jynxx, Curtiss King, and Yasin Dino.

It was a crowded house with a whole lot of talent in the room, and we have our peoples Trek Life and Aaron Gleen for putting this together like Legos. To be quite honest, I don’t think we’ve ever had a showcase episode like this, but after the success of last night I’m hyped to do this again quite soon.

If there is anything to be learned from this episode, it’s that as much as we give praise to artists that are standing on the top of the mountain we have an obligation to seek out new talent and shine a light on these kids that are working hard on their independent grind.

These kids were EXTREMELY on point.

Aside from having excellent music, they came prepared (which in this hip-hop game is often a rarity), and I kept commenting to the guys that I was impressed at how on-the-ball they were. It makes me happy to know that we are able to see young talent like this that are ALREADY incredibly nastily talented and yet are still very much in their formative stage as they continue to grind and shape their sound.

I wish nothing but these best for all of these kids, and we’re most definitely looking forward to having everyone back real, real soon.

We hope you enjoy the finished the product…..




1. Scuba Greg – Soundwaves Theme

2. Trek Life – Kiss

3. Trek Life – Can’t Complain

4. Trek Life – Ready To Live

5. Blakface – What We Came To Do

6. Hawdwerk & Jansport J – Computer

7. Versis – Dig This!

8. Blakface – Here Wit Me

9. Hardwerk & Jansport J – Fly As Me

10. DTMD – The Struggle Is Real

11. DTMD – A Loan For The Lonely

12. Curtiss King – Chess Match

13. Curtiss King – Family Matters Flip

14. Curtiss King – Monte Carlo Monster Face

15. Curtiss King – Plinko Chips

16. Curtiss King – Forest Whitaker’s Neck

17. Curtiss King – Whole Beat In Reverse

18. Jynxx – Carne Asada

19. Jynxx – Church

20. Jynxx – Satin Sheets

21. Jynxx – Run For Your Life

22. Jynxx – One Way

23. Jynxx – Untitled



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