THE GEM DROP: Relationships

For the sake of imparting wisdom on the yutes, I thought it finally time to start a lil’ something called “The Gem Drop.”

Not a whole lot of explanation needed here, so let’s start the show.

Today’s episode is about relationships.

I originally had a 3-page essay written up on this topic until I found the above photo and thought that this was a “less is more” situation.

Plain and simple…

…here it is…


Or as Sonny told Calogeron in “A Bronx Tale”, have the wisdom to know when you’re sitting across the dinner table from A Great One.

I found mine at the tender age of 22.

I only hope that you should be so lucky.

Read the signs, maintain a balanced conversation between mind and heart, and remember that the grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, but the water bill is probably a helluva lot higher.

Until next time, kids…

…drop knowledge, not names.


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