01.22.11: EPISODE 115: LISTEN LINK

World-reknown and locally-loved producer and DJ wizard DJ Nu-Mark stops by the KPFK studios for an episode of laughs, loud music, and lovely vibes.

Be sure to peep his sure-to-make-you-want-to-punch-something remix of Damien Marleys & Nas’s “Nah Mean” for free download here courtesy of the good folks at HipHop DX, and more importantly I suggest you pick up his “Take Me With You” mix to accompany your next trip to damn near anywhere–the grocery store, the market, the woods, your Grandma’s house–as the brother takes the funky sounds of the distant corners of the globe and puts them right next to you in the front seat of your car or on top of your shoulders between those two cans that you call “ears”.

Another 120 minutes of radio magic. I hope you enjoy the sounds…




One thought on “01.22.11: EPISODE 115: LISTEN LINK

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