(pictured: The Dilla Cube by Rob East)

The Dilla Edition with DJ House Shoes.

Not a whole lot of adjectives needed here as you can imagine what kind of treats were offered up by Mr. Shoes on this one in honor of the late great James Yancey.

Hope you dig it….




1. J Dilla – Let’s Take It Back

2. J Dilla feat. MED & Guilty Simpson – Jungle Love

3. J Dilla feat. Frank-n-Dank – Pause

4. Innerzone Orchestra – People Make The World Go Round (J-88 Remix)

5. Crustation – Purple

6. D’Angelo – Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine (Jay Dee Remix)

7. J Dilla – Won’t Do

8. Slum Village – The House Shoes Song

9. J Dilla – Brazilian Rhyme/Shake It Down

10. J Dilla feat. Guilty Simpson – Take Notice

11. Slum Village – I Like It Like That (Unreleased)

12. J Dilla feat. Guilty Simpson – Baby

13. Guilty Simpson – It’s A Man’s World

14. Fat Albert Einstein – Fuge In D(illa) Minor

15. Fat Albert Einstein – Rundgren

16. Cibelle – Lightworks

17. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Untitled/Fantastic

18. J Dilla – Give It Up

19. J Dilla – The Clapper

20. Jaylib – Heavy

21. J Dilla – Over The Breaks

22. J Dilla – Stop!



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