Hands down the greatest episode we’ve ever had.

I know I throw that out there (c. Ron Burgundy) quite often, but I believe in it wholeheartedly as I feel we continue to elevate with each trip through the cosmos.

On this here 127th trip through the galactic landscape, we were blessed with the presence of co-pilots Byze One and House Shoes (with J.Rocc in the house cold lampin’, Ms. Cecilia at home resting, and my man Omer Saar–The Viceroy of Vibes–keeping the vibes right like he always does).

First up we had Byze Uno blessing us with the SUPER-proper cholo-friendly oldies set that had the phone lines lighting up like a Christmas tree (shouts to all of our listeners locked down who were probably vibin’ hard to this here mix).

Then DJ SEANO stepped up BIG TIME with the funkiest, nastiest set that I’ve ever heard him throw down. I almost told him to give me his shoes so we could bronze them (my man DJs best when his shoes are off) in honor of this set, but he wasn’t having it.

And bringing the spaceship home was House Shoes on the wheels of steel dropping gems on the youth like a clumsy thief.

And if that weren’t already enough, we ALSO played a couple of joints off of J.Rocc’s debut album (which is bananas with a capital “P”) titled “Some Cold Rock Stuf” (which you can cop here).

Peep all 120 minutes and drop a comment.

If you don’t think this is the greatest episode of Soundwaves ever recorded, I will fight you.

That’s no lie.

– Dea-Con Burgundy




1. Kev Brown – It Never Ends

2. Trevor Dandy – Is There Any Love

3. Black Spade & Coultrain – B Wit U

— start of Byze One’s set —

4. The Delfonics – La La Means

5. Brenton Wood – Trouble

6. James & Bobby Purify – I’m Your Puppet

7. ??? – Tell Her That I Love Her

8. Brenton Wood – Baby You Got It

9. The Sapphires – Who Do You Love

10. The Dramatics – In The Rain

11. Linda Jones – Hypnotized

12. Barbara Mason – Yes, I’m Ready

13. The Impressions – I’m So Proud

14. ??? – Mystery Track (bahahahaha!!)

15. Aalon – Rock & Roll Gangster

— start of DJ SEANO’s set —

16. Airto Fogo – Jungle Bird

17. The Harry Muskee Band – Mr. Cool

18. Di Melo – Pernalonga

19. Milk – The Basic

20. Rene Costy – Ostinato Bass

21. Pax and Pry – WhatchuDreamingOf

22. Skeletons – Over The Bridge

23. Prequiste – Mr. Cool Remade

24. Young Holt Unlimited – GiveMeYourLove

25. Foreign Exchange – Let’s Move

26. J.Rocc – Stay Fresh

27. Aloe Blacc – Find A Way

28. Take – Fall In Love Again

29. J.Rocc – Secondhand Sureshots

— start of House Shoes’ set —

30. House Shoes – “Stuff”

end of House Shoes’ set —

31. Chambers Brothers – Are You Ready?




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