(pictured from left: Peter Jay, Turnbull Green, & DJ Seano)

The Dancefloor Assassin.

Kid Cardigan.

Peter Jay.

3 people.

The same person.

As a result, this episode is 300% awesome.

Peter Jay plays his self-titled debut album in its entirety, then proceeds to throw down an extra-proper set in the second hour.

Oh yeah…

…and DJ Seano plays one of the illest get-your-backside-in-motion sets on the wheels of steel that I’ve ever heard him throw down.

Yet another gem brought to you by the good folks aboard the Starship Soundwaves.

We hope you dig it….




1. Quetzal Guerrero – Coiza Boa

2. Quetzal Guerrero – Everything

3. Peter Jay – Indigo Dreams

4. Peter Jay – Roller Coaster

5. Peter Jay – I Think You’re The One

6. Peter Jay – Let It Go

7. Peter Jay – Live (Soundwaves Exclusive)

8. Albert Vargas – Love, Love, Love (Peter Jay Remix)

9. Jackson P – Cornerstore Elixir

10. Memoryhouse – Lately (Peter Jay Remix)

—- Start of DJ Seano Set —-

11. Sandra Nkake & Friends – A Place For You (Mark DeClive Lowe Remix)

12. ? – Samba Swatted

13. Willie Colon – Che Che Colo (DJ Destroyer Edit)

14. Tim Zawada – Head Over Heels

15. Funk Soul Sister – Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now

16. Sharon Brown – Specialize In Love (Munga vs. Deep Disco Edit)

17. Pleasure – Joyous (DJ Harvey Edit)

18. Edwin Birdsong – Cola Bottle Baby

19. Bill Withers – Lovely Day (Jimmy The Twin Garage Edit)

20. Fatback Band – Street Dance (Runaway Edit)

—- End of DJ Seano Set —-

21. Peter Jay – Live Soundwaves Mix


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