We sit down for a proper 2 hour conversation with the man known as “I, Ced” as we discuss past collaborations, future travels, and most importantly his gem of a debut album titled “All In My Mind” (which you can purchase via Recordbreakin on this here link).

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds.

This album truly has me at a loss for words.

Ced captured a tone throughout the album that grabs you from the beginning and stays with you long after the you reach the 56th minute of the album, and I highly suggest that you immerse yourself in this LP with zero distractions and a nice pair of headphones.

120 minutes with my man I, Ced.

We hope you dig the sounds….




1. Coleman feat. Fatima – Write Thing

2. Coultrain – Balancing Act

3. I, Ced – Angel

4. I, Ced – Isn’t It Strange

5. I, Ced – She’s Gone

6. I, Ced – Soldier Ready 2 Go Home

7. I, Ced – Love + War

8. I, Ced – Now Or Later

9. I, Ced – Love Is The Conqueror

10. I, Ced – Westcoast Rock

11. Dotmatic feat. I, Ced & Stopha Vasquez – Aqua (aka One…)

12. I, Ced – Gone By Now

13. I, Ced – Flying To The Sun Pt. I & II

14. I, Ced – All In My Mind

15. Eugene McDaniel – Welfare City



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