The world lost a gentleman, a brother, a son, a friend, a mentor, a motivator, a musician, a lover of life, and a young man gone much too soon in the passing of Jovan “J1 The Deer” Coleman who passed away in an accident on Sunday, November 27th, 2011 in Sweden.
Jovan had touched more lives that he could have ever imagined in a multitude of ways–both intentional and unintentional–which not only affected those of us blessed to exist within the radius of his love and light but changed many of us for the better in ways that even we are still only now beginning to realize in these days of reflection upon his unfortunate passing on from this life. It is in this time of reflection that we his family have been reminded with great depth of the magnitude of light with which Jovan shone up upon us in his short 32 years of life on this planet.
Jovan more than anything prided himself on the daily betterment of himself–mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically–and it was in the process of this daily bettering of himself that we know he came into contact and touched the lives of many of you, whether it be through his music, his wit, his wisdom, or the mere ever-present nature of his kindness with which he would maintain his friendships with many of you with a deep level of care, consideration, and concern.
As we come together and prepare to send Jovan on his journey into the next life, we extend our love to those of you whom we know Jovan touched in his travels–both near and far–and hope that you are able to find solace as we are in the many accomplishments that Jovan was able to achieve through “hardwork and dedication” (one of his favorite phrases) in his short 32 years of life, whether it be in his music, his many friendships, or simply the man that he prided himself in being up until his very last day on this planet.
We seek to bring peace and comfort to the Coleman family for having blessed us with the being that we affectionately knew as either Jovan, J1, or THE DEER (in all capital letters, as he always insisted), and it is unfortunate that there is a large amount of expenses that need to be covered to bring Jovan back home to Cleveland from Sweden for a proper funeral and internment. As Jovan’s passing was very much unexpected and sudden, the current situation is such that the Coleman family is in dire need of our financial support to ensure that Jovan can be brought back home and provided with a proper burial, and given that time is of the essence it is with heavy hearts and a great deal of love that we thank you–those whom Jovan touched through a multitude of ways–for any type of financial support that you can provide.
We have set up a PayPal account through which funds can be directly donated to the Coleman family, and we again thank you with great humility and appreciation for your help in ensuring that we are able to help the Coleman family with bearing the weight of this extreme financial burden in this great time of both financial and emotional need.
The PayPal account can be reached via www.mugpush.com, and we ask that you truly know that your financial contribution–however small or large it may be–is cherished deeply with a great magnitude of love and appreciation.
We wish you all the best, we hope you enjoy this tribute episode, and we thank you again for your generosity and support in these days of reflection, sadness, and yet celebration of a light that shone brightly for 32 years in the form of our brother Jovan “J1 THE DEER” Coleman.
– The Deacon of Speakin’, Ms. Cecilia, DJ Seano, and the rest of the Soundwaves family

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