I had this long, eloquent write-up done for this episode, and then the condemn WordPress acted up and saved NONE of it.

Which works out well I guess.

Because now you have to guess how eloquent the write-up was that took me a little over 20 minutes complete.

Suffice to say, if I took 20 minutes to write about the caliber of this episode and how much the off-air conversations were of great personal importance to me, you most likely will be looking to click on the link below to hear the audio from this here episode.

Episode 170.

In-studio with the good brother Aspect One.

Enjoy yo self….




1. Aspect One – Crickets

2. Aspect One – Cards Right

3. Aspect One – Sultry

4. Aspect One – Watch Out

5. Aspect One – Gaza Strip

6. Aspect One – Glow

7. Aspect One – Jody

8. Aspect One – Two Angels

9. Aspect One – Vita

10. Aspect One – Tainted Love

11. Fat Albert Einstein – Thank You God

12. Milt Jackson – People Make The World Go Round

13. Dibiase – Strangeland

14. Freddie Hubbard – Keep Your Soul Together

15. Will Sessions – One Love (Instrumental)

16. Joe Henderson – Power To The People

17. Georgia Anne Muldrow – Seeds

18. Suzi Analogue – U & Who

19. Roddy Rod – Line Dance

20. Blu feat. Jimetta Rose – Burgundy Whip



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