04.20.12: EPISODE 176: LISTEN LINK

Oh Batman, how I WISH we could share with you the rare, mined-from-the-caverns-of-extraterrestrial-mountainside gems that kind, generous, humble, and VASTLY knowledgeable man known as Danny Holloway came through and blessed US (that being YOU guys and gals as much as WE that were in-studio) with on this masterpiece of an episode.

But sadly, the man asked that we not divulge the playlist on this one so as to preserve the fun of folks listening to these 2 hours again and again and trying to Google lyrics to find out what these songs were (and tidbits of songs) with which Mr. Holloway decided to weave this all-45 tapestry of jaw-dropping sounds.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this one..and we thank you yet AGAIN for sticking with us each and every week!!

– Abraham, Sean, Weyez, and Cecilia





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