Boy oh boy are you in for a treat on THIS one!!

This is no hyperbole. I am dead serious.

Or ALIVE serious. Because this episode is LIVE!!!!

Okay..so here’s the rub…

Our good brother DJ Sloepoke came through for the first time in a LONG time and brought a toolbox full of about 200 James Brown 45s.

Rewind the track.

A toolbox.

With about 200 James Brown 45s inside.

And this IMMEDIATELY signaled the arrival of the funk upon the Starship Soundwaves.

And it stayed.


Nothing but James Brown 45s for the entire 2 hours on this one.

Brother Sloepoke also put out a mix this week to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles uprising that took place on April 29th, 2012. Believe me when I tell you that there are mixes that are simply mixes, and then there is a piece like THIS MIX that tells a narrative and paints a vivid picture in the mind of the listener. For those who were too young or perhaps too removed to fully understand at the time what significance this uprising held for the people of Los Angeles, this mix does a wonderful job of closing that gap and bringing proper light to exactly what was transpiring for six days beyond the picture that was painted by the media in its desire to completely overlook the feelings that pushed the people of our city to levels of chaos, anger, and unrest that had not been seen since the Watts Riots of 1965.

 We hope you dig this episode, and we hope you head on over here to pick up Sloepoke’s “LA Uprising” tribute mix.

Much love!!




1. Steam – I’m The One Who Loves You

2. The Intruders – Slow Drag

3. Brenton Wood – Catch You On The Rebound

4. The Intruders – Cowboys To Girls

5. The Intruders – Together

6. Eddie Holman – Hey There Lonely Girl

7. Young Holt Unlimited – California Montage

8. Average White Band – Help Is On The Way

9. Eddie Kendricks – Boogie Down

10. The J.B.’s – Doin’ It To Death

11. Hank Ballard & The Midnighters – I’m Back To Stay

12. Lyn Collins – Wheel Of Life

13. Fred Wesley & The J.B.’s – Same Beat Part 1

14. The J.B.’s – My Brother Part 1

15. James Brown – There It Is Part 1

16. John Cougar Mellencamp – Cold Sweat

17. James Brown – Escape-ism (Part 1)

18. James Brown – My Thang

19. James Brown – Mindpower

20. The Dee Feline Trio – There Was A Time

21. James Brown – Funky President (People It’s Bad)

22. Sweet Charles – Soul Man

23. James Brown – Sex Machine

24. Maceo & The King’s Men – Got To Get’cha

25. James Brown – The Payback (Part 1)

26. James Brown – Give It Up Or Turnit Loose

27. James Brown – Stoned To The Bone (Part 1)

28. James Brown & The Famous Flames – Bring It Up

29. James Brown – I Got Ants In My Pants (Part 1)

30. Bobby Byrd – I Know You Got Soul

31. James Brown – Make It Funky (Part 1)

32. The J.B.’s – Pass The Peas

33. James Brown – Get On The Good Foot (Part 1)

34. James Brown – Say It Loud (I’m Black and I’m Proud)

35. James Brown – Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved (Pt. 1)

36. James Brown & The Famous Flames – Funky Soul #1

37. James Brown – It’s A Man’s Man’s World




One thought on “04.27.12: EPISODE 177: LISTEN LINK & PLAYLIST

  1. As a loyal listener from Brooklyn NY, I have one simple question to ask you Abraham and Soundwaves crew. What in the world is taking so long for the latest episodes to be added to the kpfk website/itunes? It’s been months since you’ve posted anything. Please look into this ASAP. I need that back in rotation on my ipod. Thanks.



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