Holy shit, I woke up this morning, got this meme from my man Jason Nicco-Anan, and laughed and coughed at the same time.

Where did we disappear to, son?

Sheeit…..let me bring you up to speed….


After 5 years of enduring what would equate to Vietnam in the realm of employed folks, I finally listened to my self (and my beautiful partner Ms. Cecilia’s inspiring words) and learned to stop undervaluing myself. This is something that happens without you even knowing at times. I found a way to endure working with some blue-ribbon assholes, but there’s a difference between enduring and thriving.

Through a part serendipity and a part dumb luck, I was given the opportunity to join what I can only describe as “job heaven”.

My man Carlo (the same man who told me to chase Ms. Cecilia down and get her phone number six and a half years ago) linked me with his brother Eric, and a few weeks later I landed this job as a Special Projects Manager for a restaurant group in West Los Angeles. I’ve never been given the latitude and the “clear runway” that I have here to spread my wings and fly. I cannot tell you how beautiful it is to work in a place where people trust you and welcome your brainpower for the sake of improving the team.

So on that front, the job transition was a tedious process, but now that I’m four weeks in and feeling like a champion things are coming up roses.



Let’s keep it real. You know I loves the food.

A little too much.

I thought getting pneumonia and getting laid out on the mat at the end of March this year would have been enough of a lesson for me, but nah, son…it wasn’t happening.

And then I realized that I’m about to be married in three months, and there’s nothing more sobering than realizing that you are about to be “The Man of The House”.

A father someday.

An Uncle with teenage nephews and nieces who want to throw the ball around.

And you can’t do any of these things being in horrible shape.

Sometimes it’s funny to laugh at being big. But other times it’s scary as a motherfucker when you think about not living past the age of 39.

So I did the sensible thing.

I got back in the gym, and I got hooked.

And now that my health is heading on down the right path, that brings me to my third and final point.

And you can follow that journey of The Former Governor of Galbi here.



Soundwaves will always be Soundwaves will always be Soundwaves.

However, at a certain point you realize that some people bring good energy to the table and some people do not.

In case you haven’t noticed, we do our damndest to only get down with folks of like mind who are about positive things. But every now and then certain folks like to think that they invented the remix, and although that may be fine and dandy in their world, we don’t want to have any part of it.

This show has always been about you.

Those who enjoy smiling, listening to good music, and reading/hearing about things that expand the mind and pique one’s curiosity.

As a result, we felt that we should expand a bit and start bringing more content that may not necessarily be spot-on related to music, and so you will begin to see a whole lot more content on here related to inspiring bits from all around the worldwide web.

We know that you won’t mind, and we know that you’ll dig it.


Having said all of this, we apologize for the extended hiatus. Life has been happening, and we want you to rest assured that Ms. Cecilia, DJ Seano, GroWeyez, and I are in a very good place right now.

And we intend to share as much of it as we can with you here on a regular basis.

We thank you for your time, we thank you for your MIND, and we thank you for listening.

– The Deacon of Speakin’, Ms. Cecilia, DJ Seano, and GroWeyez

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