07.27.12: EPISODE 184: LISTEN LINK

2-4 in the morning is late to some, early for others.

For me 2-4am is a perfect time to have a studio filled with amazing, creative and productive individuals. This week Soundwaves welcomed the good ladies who run SUSPEND MAG.  A new source for original content highlighting folks in the world of music, art, and fashion on the world wide web.  We talked quickly about its formation and future projects, but focused mainly on the release of their second issue.  Inside of the second issue is a fantastic article on a new  Vintage clothing shop on Fairfax called Tried & True CO. Inside the studio alongside Diane and Natasha of Suspend Mag we had Crystal Robles, Co-owner of Tried & True.  Crystal and I talked about how the store came to be and what can be expected from Tried & True in the future.  I also invited good friend of mine and Crystal’s DJ SHREDONE to the studio to drop a live set and to talk about her new record label CHERRIES RECORDS which currently has one 45 out and another one on the way.  And if that wasn’t enough, we had Suzi Analogue stop by as well and play the entire new album she has out with Tokimonsta as well as the creative process behind that project.

Be sure to support all of our guests on this episode.  Lots of young, creative individuals who work hard at providing you with that FRESH!!!!

Suspend Mag – http://www.suspendmag.com/

Tried & True Co. – http://blog.triedandtrueco.com/

DJ SHREDONE – http://shredone.tumblr.com 

Cherries Records – http://www.cherriesrecords.bigcartel.com/

Suzi Analogue & Tokimonsta FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD – http://www.scionav.com/collection/1017/Analogue-Monsta—Boom






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