08.25.12 : EPISODE 188 : Joe Kay & XL Middleton

Joe KayIn hour one the one they call Joe Kay stopped by the studio and blessed us with a live set.  This young man is the head of a fantastic record label called Soulection and also happens to be one of the busiest cats in the game.  A future bass label giving young producers an outlet to share their talents.  He dropped a few exclusive songs from the label and also dropped some of his favorite selections he’s heard around the way.  All in all everyone in the studio was stuck on stank face the whole time. When Joe is not running the label or gigging about town he hosts a Radio show on Cal State Long Beach’s KBEACH (Fridays 1-4pm on http://www.kbeach.org )

Check him and his label out when you get a chance!!!

Joe Kay Soundcloud



In hour 2 we had the homie XL MIddleton stop by and preview tracks from an upcoming album due to release sometime net year. A staple at the west side’s Funkmosphere party, XL first met Groweyez and after a few back and forth’s we were able to arrange a studio visit by the modern funk producer.  We highly encourage you to become familiar with XL Middleton’s music, a true funkster.

You can find more information and music from XL Middleton HERE.

Listen Link : 08.25.12 : EPISODE 188 : Joe Kay & XL MIddleton


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