09.14.2012 : EPISODE 191 : Richard Wright, Val the Vandle & Quelle Chris

This episode we were graced with a visit from LA’s own DJ Val the Vandle & Richard Wright. .

Two young cats who have been making moves out here since my initial arrival here in Los Angeles and it has been great to see the progress these 2 have been making. Here are a few of their more recent releases to check for, among others:

Open Minded LP

J Bizness 3P Series Vol. 1: Richard Wright

TasteBuds Vol. 1

And keep your ears out for the SPLIFF… It has been popping up around the city here and there.. DEFINITELY would be nice to see a reunion Val!

Last but not least we closed out the show with some words from our good friend, rapper extraordinaire, Quelle Chris.

Check out Quelle’s bandcamp for new updates and fresh HEAT!



Soundwaves – September 14, 2012 – Richard Wright, Val the Vandle & Quelle Chris by Soundwaves Radio on Mixcloud


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