2.09.2013 : EPISODE 206 : Jesse Boykins III, House Shoes & DJ Mantron

This week we opened the show with a fresh mix from our good friend DJ Mantron. He played some super soul heaters and then did a great job mixing some DILLA instrumentals while I had the honor of interviewing yet another member of The Romantic Movement ::: Jesse Boykins III ( http://jbiiimusic.com/ ). In town promoting his new album with Melo-X ‘Zulu Guru’ and show at Nola’s, Jesse called the radio station and we had a nice 20 minute conversation where we talked about his recording process and how important it is to always be HONEST.

url-2 url-1
Following the interview with Jesse we played two BRAND NEW House Shoes (https://twitter.com/HouseShoes ) selector podcasts. The first one featured never released J DILLA instrumentals … 20 minutes of neck snapping beats!! If that wasn’t enough House Shoes second podcast was filled with original Dilla samples.

09.09.11 shoes pola

Closing out the show we played two songs from Donald Byrd. (*Thank you for all that you have contributed to Music*)




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