4.6.2013 : EPISODE 211 : Asya Shein (Fusicology) and Mona Lisa

So nice we had to do it twice!

We welcomed back to KPFK the mastermind behind Fusicology, Asya Shein.


Fresh from Winter Music Conference in Miami…Asya brings some serious South African House selections. We did things a little different this time around … Asya supplied me with her selections and I proceeded to blend them together live in studio. What an honor and a pleasure it was to hear such refreshing music from half way across the world. (I have lots of research to do!!) A super busy individual we were lucky to have Asya back in the studio. I predict there will be many more visits to come!

Please do yourself a favor and check Fusicology out on the web!

http://fusicology.com/ — https://twitter.com/fusicology —http://www.facebook.com/groups/fusico…

A Soundwaves regular, the wonderful Monalisa stops by and drops a seriously funky set. Peep the tracklisting and be sure to check out Monalisa on twitter :https://twitter.com/Monalisa7872

Listen HERE: http://www.mixcloud.com/soundwaveskpfk/soundwaves-radio-april-6-2013-asya-fusicology-and-monalisa/


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