3.30.2013 : EPISODE 210 : Delicious Vinyl Takeover

What an honor … To have all the way from Detroit the mighty Frank Nitt and talented Illa J (Yancey Boys) join us in the studio and preview their newest track “The Throwaway” recently released on special 10′ wax by Delicious Vinyl.


Purchase: J Dilla – The Lost Scrolls (10′ vinyl) – http://bit.ly/WZuu0W

We were also fortunate enough to welcome back DJ Cee Brown, who dropped a blazing Latin set. You can catch Cee Brown at Senor Fish in DTLA for Bodega and all sorts of other worldy places DJ’ing for the mighty PHARCYDE!


Catch up with DJ Cee Brown on Twitter : https://twitter.com/DJCEEBROWN

The Delicious Vinyl Crew were heavy in effect at KPFK and it’s always a pleasure to have them join us.


Catch up with Delicious Vinyl on the web : http://deliciousvinyl.myshopify.com/

Delicious Vinyl Twitter: https://twitter.com/deliciousvinyl
Delicious Vinyl Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/deliciousvinyl

Listen HERE: http://www.mixcloud.com/soundwaveskpfk/soundwaves-radio-april-6-2013-asya-fusicology-and-monalisa/


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