6.1.13 : EPISODE 219 : Dae One and DJ GroWeyez

As always with late night radio in Los Angeles, you never know what to expect and what surprises may come through those doors.

This week we opened up with an hour of selections for DJ GroWeyez, playing and mixing cuts from Silhouette Brown, Herbie Hancock, Donald Byrd, and the Venice Dawn serato wax released on Wax Poetics Records 

dae1-pola copy
During the set West Coast Boss Dae One came through fresh off the True Sounds producer showcase (http://jarritospopup.com/event/saeloc…) which will be quarterly as opposed to annually this year, so check for two more of those the next coming up this September. We talked about everything from the old school West to the new school, the progression of the music and production, raps, beats, and all the business between. Keep your ears out for Dae One and his upcoming releases

We closed out the show with a few quick digital selections from GroWeyez including some Hackman, Shash U ft. Dam Funk.

Listen HERE


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