05.03.14 Episode 263 : Rhettmatic, J.Rawls, and Te’Amir


A Beat Junkie, A Lone Catalyst, and a Tiger walk into a radio station … Can you guess what happens?

Kicking the show off almost immediately with a tribute mix to the Godfather of Soul, James Brown was the Beat Junkie’s own DJ Rhettmatic! It’s been a long time coming but we were finally able to secure the return of one of the worlds best. We honestly couldn’t think of anyone we would rather have paying tribute to one of music’s best then The Wedding Mixer himself, DJ Rhettmatic.

Not only was Rhett kind enough to join us and drop a set but he was cool enough to bring with him a true legend in Hip-Hop, the one and only J.Rawls. Fan’s of Blackstar, Casual, Roscoe, Doseone, and El Da Sensei are familiar with his productions and fans of The Lone Catalysts know the deal. J,Rawls  What a privilege to welcome the Ohio veteran to the KPFK studios for a quick set and co-interview with Rhettmatic.

Closing out the rest of the show, for his second appearance on Soundwaves, we had the international TIGER himself, Te’Amir Yohannes Sweeney celebrating his recent release “Favela“.  Not sure how this touring musician had time to record this album but we are sure glad he did. A very interesting individual who shows no signs of slowing down. I suggest you download everything he off of his Bandcamp and make sure you pay for it when you do!!

Enjoy the entire episode and drop us a comment or feel free to reach out. Soundwaves is for the people!




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