05.10.14 Episode 264 : Shana & The Hooligans and DJ Tonearm


One of the great things about Los Angeles is that this city if full of talented individuals. It’s really not uncommon for some of your best buds to also be your favorite musician. Such was definitely the case when one of our top Djs and producers, Captain Planet, visited the studio on May 10th and dropped this bombshell of a mix, including a few never-before-heard tracks from his upcoming projects. One thing is for sure, Captain Planet knows how to get the party started!

Keep it locked for the interview portion, where Shana Halligan joins Captain Planet on the mic to discuss their new duo, ‘Shana and the Hooligans’, share exclusive songs from the project, and talk about their inspiration for creating music.

To close out the show, we were joined by Dj Tonearm who kept things fresh and eclectic, and played a set that weaves together several of his favorite genres. Tonearm is a cat who has been pushing boundaries in LA for quite some time and it comes across nicely in this mix. Enjoy!

Entire Episode


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