6.28.14 Episode 271: Terry Cole & DJ Nerstylist

June 28th SW


Biggups to Terry Cole & DJ Nerstylist – They blessed us with 2 dope exclusive mixes for yall!

Frank Foreal took over the spaceship and rocked 2 sets.

Terry Cole has been on a roadtrip from Ohio, hitting up record stores and stocking them up with new releases from his funk and soul 45 label, @ColemineRecords. During his stay in LA, he met up with Seano, recorded a mix of all Colemine tracks, and talked to Sean about how he got into this crazy business. Special thanks to DJ Phatrick for providing the recording studio to do this!

Catch up with Terry Cole:
Website: www.coleminerecords.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/Colemine45
Twitter: Twitter.com/ColemineRecords
Instagram: Instagram.com/coleminerecords
Soundcloud: @coleminerecords


Reppin the Bay area, DJ Nerstylist is known for his highly eclectic uptempo sets. He was kind enough to make us an exclusive mix, which we aired on 6/28. Thanks @nerstylist!

Catch up with Nerstylist:
Website: www.djnerstylist.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/djnerstylist
Twitter: Twitter.com/nerstylist
Instagram: Instagram.com/nerstylist
Soundcloud: @nerstylist



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