We love ALL types of music, and we get loose every 7 days in the most proper way.

Top-notch sounds  and a cornucopia of conversation each and every week in your left and right eardrum.

Come along and get down with the get-down….


Your Hosts Include:

Seano :: Frank Foreal :: Panamami :: Val The Vandle

To contact the Soundwaves Crew or submit music :: soundwaveskpfk@gmail.com



24 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Mad respect friend for all the luv you send out on the airwaves. Its good to know there are others who feel wat I feel. Dig ur taste of tempo and ur attitude. Keep it up! Godspeed!

  2. Hi abraham, I think I keep randomly catching your show en route to various places, and am really diggin it, but never get to listen to the whole thing! I finally checked the KPFK archives out to find a recording of your show, but I can’t find it on the archive list. Any idea why it’s not on there or where it is that I can find copies of old episodes? It NEEDS to be archived. Oh man.

    Let me know,
    and thanks much!

  3. Just discovered your show (by way of the Dam-Funk guest episode). Love it. Do you offer podcasts of your show?



  4. I love this show! I am a big fan of Underground Hip Hop, Independent artists and just music in general and this show really fits in with my desire to hear new things.

  5. added you on aim my brutha. kenny, jon, and suz have told me bout the show. listened to the exile/suz one. i dig. feel free to e-mail me if you want tracks to play.


  6. Came across your site via Myspace by way of Mello Music Group’s friend request.

    Like many of us, what you are engaged in is awesome, due to the fact that the internet allows talented people be seen and heard by so many markets.

    Will be sending some music to you from pop/soul artist Aaron LEVi out of Chicago


  7. Hi. You played a great piece of music on 3/21 and I thought you said the band was buipongo but I can’t find anything on line under that name. Can someone please send me the right title?

  8. I am so excited..I was tired of listening to kiis and power and 93.5 and whoever else and then i found soundwaves on my radioo i love it!
    i will definitely be tuning in every sat 12-2PM Keep it Up! I really appreciate your station… 😀

  9. I just wanted to let you know ..ya’ll are breaking it down… Iv’e listened during da week but today I tuned in ..and was blown away.. loving the eclectic stilo.. I wish more stations were open to all the different types of hip hop and soul music that is yet to be discovered!

    Michael Jackson forever you and your music will be in our hearts.. forever nobody could do it like you …no one .. May you have peace now..

    One Underground HIP HOP lova’and supporter..

    Lady Fresh SFV

  10. Help! I won tickets on kpfk Sat (Sun morning) around 1230ish am to a show Sat Dec 5th beatbox in China Town??? I was driving and didn’t get more info….any help is greatly appreciated 🙂

  11. love what yall are doing…moved from Chicago 6months ago, currently workin at amoeba please peep my URL and also grittygoat.com would love to get mine and our work on your show 🙂
    Ramon aka Radius

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